Industry / Oil&Gas Solutions

Oil&Gas, chemical and utilities are typically characterized as fast-paced, dynamic organizations, companies and co-ops who are constantly under pressure to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase yield. As a result of these challenges and coupled with the difficult environments, terrain or water they often exist in, the industry has been seeking alternative communications networks that will handle these demands.

The Industrial market is commanding faster and more reliable networks to transport their vital communications in order to improve operational efficiencies while also responding to external pressures to increase safety and security of their equipment, facilities and property.

The implementation of private broadband networks continue to bring true advancements to include:

•              Rapid diagnosis for monitoring and management

•              Ability to expand coverage areas

•              Scalability to meet future needs and additional applications

•              Lower total cost of ownership

AIR’s comprehensive portfolio of reliable and cost effective Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and MESH wireless broadband equipment offers high-speed solutions that support data, voice and video communications, enabling a broad range of applications for the heavy industrial market including:

•              Smart Grid Networks

•              Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

•              Lease line replacement and fiber extensions

•              Off-shore and over water communications

•              Platform to vessel to communications

•              Oil Field SCADA communications

•              Land Mobile Radio Backhaul

•              Video Surveillance