Backhauling Voice and Data Transfer (LTE/4G/WiMAX/Wifi)

Mobile operators are currently experiencing rapid growth in data services along with a steady growth in voice traffic. However, the voice market is extremely competitive and revenue growth is slow. They face the dual challenge of increasing average revenue per user and reducing customer subscription. Providers have to add backhaul capacity while keeping operational costs under control, a situation that is forcing carriers to migrate their access and core networks to the new 3G and 4G infrastructure.

AIR provides a wide variety of network infrastructure options for wireless backhaul networks that require high availability, low latency, low jitter, and Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) capabilities. The products offer network level resiliency, hardware-based Quality of Service (QoS), easy manageability, and flexible network processor-based architecture.

AIR Advantages:

  • Advanced handover and roaming capabilities
  • Comprehensive LTE product portfolio
  • Multi-platform infrastructure running combination of WiMAX, LTE
  • Wide selection of internal and interoperable user devices
  • Cost-effective and scalable
  • Field-proven