High Capacity Microwave & Carrier grade Packet switch


iPASOLINK VR is a new-concept microwave and optical transporter that transcends the realms of traditional microwave equipment.

iPASOLINK VR leads the microwave radio industry with rich features and outstanding capacities.

As a high performance device, it is capable of high capacity transport with optical and microwave, for a ture carrier-grade converged node experience. Along with NEC's SDN solution, iPASOLINK VR is ready for the 5G era, where new service and technologies revolutionize the mobile landscape.


  • Full range of frequency (6GHz-42GHz)
  • QPSK-2048 QAM with AMR
  • 7/14/28/56MHz
  • 1+0,1+1,N+0,1+0,1+0 XPIC,1+1 XPC
  • Radio Traffic Aggregation
  • MIMO
  • MAX. 2 modem
  • FE/GbE (RJ45, SFP)
  • TDM (E1/ch STM-1/STM-1 RST)

TDM and Packet Features

  • ERPS
  • H-QoS
  • L2 pass through
  • SyncE
  • 1588v2 (TC)
  • SDN
  • E1 SNCP