Full functional nodal high capacity radio for mobile backhaul and general network


Features / Function

Converged Packet Radio for LTE Backhaul

  • iPASOLINK is the first set of products developed within NEC's next-generation Intelligent Converged Platform

Design Concept

  • Any transport of Native Ethernet for 3G/LTE and Native TDM for 2G and mix for risk-free migration
  • Optimized, scalable and high capacity link throughput
  • High-level resiliency for carrier-grade services
  • Transmission over both microwave and optical
  • Carrier-grade migration from TDM to full IP Backhaul
  • Application flexibility and software upgradeability

Reassurance for future changes in network capability

  • Application flexibility with universal card slots and a range of functional modules
  • Easy addition of functionality with pay-as-you-need software upgrades
  • Reuse of existing PASOLINK – No.1 microwave product – with backward compatibility

Advanced technology for carrier-grade services

  • High throughput with high modulations, wide channels and cross-polarization
  • Ultra-high-capacity radio with XPIC technology in 1U ultra-compact size unit
  • Flexible and high resiliency radio configuration, N-way, 1+1 and N+0
  • High system gain with advanced error correction and new amplifier technology
  • High level of packet networking functionality: Ethernet, PWE, MPLS, IP
  • Advanced multi-service QoS support for TDM, Ethernet and IP with microwave adaptive modulation and excellent header compression technology
  • Ethernet OAM for fault management and performance monitoring
  • Multiple clock sources: external, synchronous Ethernet and legacy TDM synchronization

Optimised cost of ownership

  • Low CAPEX as technology convergence reduces the number of hardware units
  • Low OPEX with enhanced remote management and control
  • Low OPEX of reduced maintenance due to high engineering quality


  • 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26, 28, 32, 38, 42 GHz

Radio bandwidth:

  • 7/ 14/ 28/ 40/ 56 MHz

Co-channel Operation:

  • 7/ 14/ 28/ 40/ 56 MHz with Adaptive modulation