A compact end-node developed for cost efficient microwave hop solutions. It provides compact solutions for microwave transport and is built with simplicity in mind.

MINI-LINK CN is a compact solution for Microwave transmission with capacity up to 1Gbps over on hop. It is based on the market leading MINI-LINK TN platform and of course is hop compatible with the same. It is also a node suitable for enterprise application.


  • Handling your IP network evolution

    • MINI-LINK CN supports any network scenario; both new packet-only networks as well as evolutions from TDM to packet. It fully supports carrier grade networks with Native Ethernet and carrier-grade QoS for Ethernet, IP as well as MPLS and sync distribution in packet networks.

  • Ethernet Switching

    • Integrated non-blocking Gigabit Ethernet switch and Provider Bridge (IEEE 802.1D, 802.1Q, 802.1ad compliant). Switching capacity up to 24Gbit/s full duplex. QoS with 8 priority queues using SPQ and WFQ. MSTP and RSTP functionality. Policing according to MEF. LAG (IEEE 802.1AX). WRED. Link OAM (IEEE 802.3ah). LLF (Link Loss Forwarding) for error detection. Jumbo frames. IGMP Snooping.

  • Network Synchronization

    • The Network Synchronization provides selection of clock source for the node and squelches on the outgoing interfaces when network synchronization is enabled. Sync output via TDM traffic, dedicated 2 MHz sync port, Sync E, NTP transparent, 1588v2 are supported. 1588v2 includes frequency and time phase synchronization, OC, BC, TC.

  • Adaptive Modulation

    • The Radio Link supports hitless adaptive modulation for 4-1024 QAM over 7-56 MHz channels. Header Compression Optimizing the utilization of the available Radio Link resources by compressing headers such as Ethernet, MPLS, IPv4, IPv6, UDP.