Trinity 318

The Repeatit Trinity family combines high quality wireless PtP and PtF with Repeatit’s performance enhancing wireless technologies including AirTime, PacketHeal and SyncMaster. These technologies significantly increase wireless throughput, efficiency and capacity.

With a diverse range of high performance, small form factor and long distance PtP/PtF, Repeatit Trinity represents the best price vs. performance for any products in it’s class, making it an easy option for network operators to deploy.

The Repeatit Trinity 318 is a high performance, small form factor PtP (point to point) & PtF (point to few) transparent bridge that is managed by the Repeatit Cloud ecosystem.

Due to it’s small form factor and high performance, the Trinity 318 is often used for short - medium range PtP environments.


  • 245Mbps (true throughput)
  • 18dBi Dual Pol Antenna
  • Small form factor, low profile industrial design
  • Ultra-Ruggedization: IP67Rated
  • Frequency Band: 5GHz or 3GHz (different models)
  • Up to 170km distance
  • Enhanced QoS
  • -40°/+55° C temp. range
  • Selectable channel widths:

    • 5/10/20/40 MHz
    • Surge Protection


Medium range PtP/PtMP, CCTV, ISP & building to building connectivity