Provides robust, high-speed links to far away locations

The AIR-BB NEO TDD Point to Point link performance is strongly related to radio link quality and efficiency of the access protocol that decides when to transmit and what to transmit. While the link quality is much related to physical aspects such as distance between links, allowed output power in the frequency band and level of interference from other systems, the access protocol used on top of the physical layer plays a key role in how efficient the physical resources can be utilized.

AIR-BB NEO Series is using Time Division Duplex (TDD) protocol to emulate full duplex traffic over a half duplex communication link at an ideal price-performance ratio.

AIR-BB NEO Series are available in 4.9 - 6.1 GHz.

AIR-BB NEO 516 Lite: 100 Mbps, 16 dBi antenna

AIR-BB NEO 516: 245 Mbps, 16 bBi antenna

AIR-BB NEO 518: 245 Mbps, 18 bBi antenna

AIR-BB NEO 523: 245 Mbps, 24 bBi antenna

AIR-BB NEO 500: 245 Mbps, Connectorized

AIR-BB NEO 800: up to 700 Mbps, Connectorized

AIR-BB NEO 823: up to 700 Mbps, 24dBi antenna