The AIR-BB NEO BS-540 is a single-radio high performance, Point to Multipoint Base Station. Due to it’s single radio & high quality 16dBi antenna, the BS-540 is optimised for high capacity short - medium distance multipoint environments.

Key Features

  • 245 Mbps (true throughput)
  • 90o sector - 16dBi Dual Pol Antenna
  • Ultra-small form factor, low profile design
  • IP67 Rated

Performance Features

  • 5.15-5.845 GHz
  • Enhanced QoS
  • -40°/+55° C temp. range
  • Selectable channel widths: 5/10/20/40 MHz
  • Surge Protection

Flexible Management Options

  • Cloud Ecosystem
  • Control System
  • Local Web Management
  • SNMP