AIR Broadband PtF is a new feature in the AIR Broadband range that enables each AIR Broadband unit to have Point to Multipoint functionality. The feature also allows PtF to be synchronized with PtP links enabling ultra-high performance with smart channel re-use in congested 5GHz environments.

AIR Broadband PtF allows network operators to provide dedicated wire-like bandwidth from a base station to each subscriber unit - up to 8 subscribers synchronized with PtP backhaul. With PtF, AIR Broadband has introduced a dedicated Base Station with an integrated 16dBi 90o antenna and a Subscriber Unit which can also communicate with all existing AIR Broadband products.

The PtF feature, available via software upgrade for all existing AIR Broadband units, gives all units the ability to act as a Base Station or Subscriber Unit, as well as a Point to Point link. Each unit will now have 3 modes; Point-to-Point End, Point-to-Few Base Station and Point-to-Few Subscriber Unit.

With PtF, now AIR Broadband PtP & PtF access can be GPS synchronized re-using the same channels for ultra-high spectrum efficiency.