The SyncMaster solution is used by Repeatits Trinity Point to Point (PtP) and Point to Few (PtF) solutions.

The PtF solution is a multipoint technology with a limited number of connected clients (8).

The SyncMaster enhances spectrum efficiency by allowing all units at the same site to transmit and receive data at fixed time slots. In practice, this means that if sufficient antenna isolation is obtained between all equipment mounted in the same site, the same channel can be used by all Master and Client units.

By adding a SyncMaster unit to your network masts, you can re-use the same channels for collocated Trinity units boosting performance & mitigating interference.The SyncMaster ensures that all backhauling links and PtF base stations transmits exactly at the same time. More importantly, they also receive at the same time, which means each receiver only has to be protected from the other unit’s Rx power levels. These are normally between -45 and -80dBm, which means sufficient isolation between the radios can easily be obtained with good antenna separation. Well worth noting is that Repeatit’s synchronization solution does not affect system throughput or latency.

Product Highlights

  • GPS Synchronization unit
  • Synchronize all units in one site (up to 10 units)
  • Provides GPS localization
  • IP67 outdoor unit
  • Heavy duty enclosure
  • One GPS antenna included
Fig.1 - Two sites using the same channel for both PtP and PtF connectivity. The two SyncMasters ensure inter/intra site functionality.

The practical result of using the SyncMaster is that a lot of equipment can co-exist on the same channel in the same site. Channels are also synchronized between sites if needed. The fig.1 illustrates this concept where channel X is used both to interconnect two sites with a PtP link and to provide PtF systems from both the sites. In this configuration, the two SyncMasters are phase shifted 180 degrees. 

This means when all units in site A transmits, the units in site B are receiving and so forth.

This approach is extremely spectrum effective. It allows for much better overall performance and system throughput and it effectively increases the likelihood also for other systems to perform at the same site.