Trinity MultiFlex

Repeatit’s new MultiFlex feature enables Trinity units to operate in Point to Multipoint mode as well as Point to Point, creating a single platform for management & GPS synchronization

The new MultiFlex feature enables network operators to plan, deploy and manage an ultra-high quality wireless network with both PtP & PtMP units operating & reusing the same channels for the highest spectral efficiency. Each new & existing Trinity unit can now operate as a Point to Point unit, MultiFlex Base Station or MultiFlex Subscriber Unit, offering enhanced flexibility for deployment. What’s more, as all products are from the same family, advanced spectrum synchronization & network management is easily implemented from a single platform.

Applications for a Trinity network with PtP & PtMP synchronized include dense video surveillance, dedicated ISP business broadband, private business estate/campus connectivity, managed private security networks & much more. With the 5GHz spectrum becoming increasingly congested, Repeatit has focused on high quality wireless performance in congested areas with smart spectrum reuse & GPS synchronization.

Trinity MultiFlex Highlights:

  • Added Multipoint functionality the Repeatit Trinity range & all Trinity products.
  • Each existing Trinity product can be configured as a Point to Point link, MultiFlex Base Station or MultiFlex Subscriber Unit.
  • Unification of Point to Point, Point to Multipoint & synchronization into one product range & platform.
  • Smart spectrum re-use & optimization massively boosts performance for 5GHz Repeatit Trinity networks & enables network operators to deploy many more Trinity units in a network.
  • Applications including ISP business broadband, HD CCTV backhaul & connectivity, private business estate/campus connectivity & much more.
  • Repeatit has also introduced a dedicated Trinity MultiFlex Base Station, with a 90 degree antenna, and a MultiFlex Subscriber Unit that can communicate with all existing Trinity products with the feature.