ePMP Elevate

ePMP Elevate is a software solution allowing fixed wireless broadband networks to gain the powerful signature capabilities of Cambium Networks’ ePMP platform, including frequency reuse enabled by GPS Synchronization and Smart Beamforming, even on non-Cambium 802.11n-based hardware.

Network migration is taken to the next level, solving a major pain-point for all wireless network operators. At a fraction of the cost and time of a total network replacement, an operator only needs to install an ePMP Access Point and to load their deployed subscriber modules with ePMP Elevate software. The hardware investment is protected, and the existing infrastructure is given a new lease of life to support revenue-generating applications for years to come.

ePMP Elevate networks can be managed by cnMaestro™, the cloud-based or on-premise platform that provides end-to-end management, device onboarding, and maintenance support for wireless broadband networks from a single, easy-to-use interface.

ePMP Elevate Compatibility

  • Loco M5 XW
  • Loco M5 XM
  • NanoStation M5 XW
  • NanoStation M5 XM
  • NanoBridge M5 XM
  • Rocket M5 XM
  • Rocket M5 XW
  • Powerbeam M5 300/400 XW
  • Airgrid M5HP XW
  • Airgrid M5 XM
  • NanoBeam M5 XW

ePMP Elevate Developments


* XM + XW model

* Rocket M5 Support

Early 2017 

* Mikrotik

* 2.4 XW + XM Models