SIAE MICROELETTRONICA is an international company based in Italy with more than 60 years of experience in delivering innovative wireless network solutions. SIAE MICROELETTRONICA products cover a wide range of applications:

  • Point of Point microwave radio Systems up to 80 GHz, for PDH, SDH and Native Ethernet technologies
  • Flexible Multiplexers
  • Network Management Systems
  • Network Planning Tools

All SIAE MICROELETTRONICA products are IP compatible and have the capability to carry on the same platform legacy TDM applications and the newest packet interfaces, allowing our customers to access a new range of applications (VoIP, Data, Video, Telemetry, etc). 

ALS Series is the ideal microwave system for network migration providing high capacity connectivity with both Full IP and Native TDM transmission. Being fully programmable, it meets any transmission needs, starting from legacy PDH and SDH traffic and evolving towards full Gigabit Ethernet and PWE3 with single Hardware. 

ALS series

ALFOplus is the zero footprint Full Outdoor, full IP Microwave Radio, designed to target the highest capacity requirements at the minimum cost. Ideal in all IP deployments, ALFOplus provides up to 1Gbps throughput with an unbeatable price per bit.



TL series